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"Libraries Without Boundaries : Reaching  the Unreachable in Knowledge Era"       

November 20-23,2007

The enormous growth in ICT has made the World a Global village and there is an apparent death of distance. The convergence of the computing and communications has also brought a radical change in the way libraries and information centers have been imparting information to the users. There is a paradigm shift from the information based services to the Knowledge-based services as Knowledge is considered as a most powerful factor in the development of an economy of a nation and is the fourth wave experienced by human lives. In these changing scenarios, the libraries have to take a proactive approach and to work for this tectonic change that the Knowledge Society will encompass in its domain. The library professionals can no longer keep themselves in the insulated state away from the challenges which needs to be addressed by them. The Government of India has constituted under the National Knowledge Commission a special group on Libraries and Informatics and has proposed a knowledge-based society and the emergence of libraries and network centres as one of the contributing entities for developing a knowledge-based society. There is a greater need to provide the citizen-focused services and the library services must focus on common man and we must ensure that the libraries are able to bridge the gap between the two-tiered society of 'Knowledge haves' and 'Knowledge have-nots'.

It is with this concern that the National Convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Networking (NACLIN 2007) is being organized by DELNET at New Delhi in November 2007 to debate various issues on the subject.

NACLIN was conceived in the year 1998 and since then Nine National Conventions have been organized in different parts of the country in collaboration with the institutions of great repute. DELNET is celebrating the 10th NACLIN event by hosting it themselves at New Delhi.


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