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product 5

The theme is divided into several sub-themes as detailed below:

Sub-Theme 1

Managing  Digital Libraries and Resources
Digital Library Technologies
Modern Library Management
Content Management
Knowledge Management
Digital Preservation
Open Access to Knowledge
Managing Web Resources: Crossing the Barriers
Managing Change in Libraries
Institutional Repositories
Indigenous Knowledge
Public Libraries as Knowledge Centres
Open Access to Knowledge.


Sub-Theme 2

Knowledge Networking and Consortia
Networking Libraries and Information Centres
Sharing of Digital Resources
Best Consortia Models
Archiving Consortia-based Resources

Sub-Theme 3

Technologies Affecting Libraries
Web 2.0
Mobile Technologies    
Library Portal
Web-based OPAC
Open Access
Open Source Software
Archiving of E-resources
Electronic Publishing
Semantic Web
Multilingual Technologies
Storage Devices: Emerging Technologies


Sub-Theme 4

Library Services and Users?Needs
Library Services: Best Practices
ICT-based Services
Marketing LIS Products
User Satisfaction
User Studies

Sub-Theme 5

Copyright and IPR
IPR and Digital Environment
Open Access and Copyright Infringement
Digital Rights Management
Digital Libraries and IPR
Copyright Management : International Efforts

Sub-Theme 6

Human Resources Management
Skill Competencies in LIS Education   
Information Literacy
Leadership Qualities
Lifelong Learning

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